Expert Witness


Companies, individuals and litigation counsel regularly use The Point Media as expert witnesses to enhance legal positions and positively impact the outcome of legal matters.

Our team includes seasoned individuals who possess the expertise, depth of thought and perspective to serve effectively as expert witnesses on a variety of television and film matters including contract interpretation, custom and practice and profit participation. Unlike most others, our experts continue to have active, day-to-day transactional practices, can offer the perspective of decades of experience at the highest levels of the entertainment industry, and can persuasively testify about emerging trends.

In addition, The Point Media only undertakes cases in which our experts truly believe that the claim they have been engaged to support has a sound basis. We believe this integrity makes a profound difference in our ability to impact juries, judges, arbitrators and opposing counsel.

We have rendered expert witness services in numerous high profile cases, including the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” case where, based on our testimony, our client was awarded almost $300 million in damages and interest.