Expert Witness


Litigators such as Roman Silberfeld, Larry Stein, Marty Singer and Sheldon Eisenberg call upon The Point Media to provide expert witness testimony in high profile entertainment industry disputes as well as confidential arbitrations. For example, we successfully rendered expert witness services for the creator of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” who, based on our testimony, was awarded more than $300 million in damages and interest. To date, it’s still the largest plaintiff verdict in an entertainment industry “vertical integration” dispute.

It takes a unique combination of experience and the ability to simplify the entertainment business to assist the trier of fact in understanding the intricacies of a case. Our concise and thorough detailing of custom and practice can be and has been applied to unique sets of facts to enhance legal positions and positively impact outcomes.

We only provide expert witness services on occasion and only in cases we believe are legally sound; a unique integrity that sets us apart from many of the “hired guns” that pose as entertainment industry expert witnesses (many of whom are “professional experts” not involved in the day to day evolution of the business).  We, on the other hand, as day to day transaction lawyers are always on top of the newest developments in the entertainment and digital industries, representing leading companies in the TV, film and digital arenas. These ongoing representations contribute to our ability to provide current and relevant testimony.