Production Companies

Television, Film and Digital

Production companies such as ITV, New Wave Entertainment, IMG, Mandalay Sports, Warner Bros. UK, Funny or Die, and Primary Wave, among numerous others, rely on The Point Media’s highly scalable legal services model to help them meet their budgetary parameters. The Point Media acts as either a production company’s “in house legal team,” providing services only when necessary, ramping up when there is pressure to finalize deals, or as a supplement to an existing legal department handling overflow work.

For a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire in-house staff, we provide studios, networks and independent production companies with a full range of business affairs and legal services to handle their development, production and distribution deals. Our ability to hit the ground running, our responsiveness, and our quick turnaround of paperwork help our clients feel as if we are sitting right down the hall. We know what deal points are important, and we won’t waste our (or your) time focusing on “whether there should be a comma or a semi-colon in Paragraph 28 of the boilerplate standard terms and conditions.” Since we work with so many varied companies, we know industry best practices.